Show Me The Money: Copying Products And Billing Items


As I sit to write this blog, I’m reminded of what an important time of year this is for billing offices. If they haven’t started already, tuition payments for next year will start to roll in soon.  Here in support, we receive many questions about tuition charges, advance deposits, and copying products and billing items. […]


Support Web Seminars for The Raiser’s Edge – More Satisfying Than Ever

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We’re excited to announce a new Support Web Seminars for The Raiser’s Edge format that will better work with your schedule and help you get the most out of our sessions. Instead of attending an hour long web seminar, have only a few minutes to ask questions, and leaving the web seminar with more questions than answers, we […]


Today’s Tip: 3 More Query Tips


Following up from my last post on Query tips and tricks, there’s a few more I want to add. Tip 1 – Access your queries throughout Altru. If you want to be able to use a query throughout the program (in a mailing or export), be sure to select to “create a selection” when saving […]


Transferring Constituent Queries from The Raiser’s Edge to Luminate Online


When The Raiser’s Edge is integrated with Luminate Online, users can transfer constituent queries from The Raiser’s Edge to Groups in Luminate. At this time, we cannot transfer the other way – i.e., from Luminate to The Raiser’s Edge. All queries must be Constituent type queries to go from The Raiser’s Edge to Luminate. Here […]


Resolved – Busy Signal When Calling Blackbaud


Update: The issue with our phone lines has been resolved and callers are no longer receiving a busy signal.  Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience. We are currently experiencing an issue with our phone system causing some callers to receive a busy signal.  We are working to resolve this issue […]


Where Are My Leading Zeros?!


When working with a comma separated values (CSV) file for import, it can be annoying to find that, when the file is opened in Excel, the leading zeros in certain fields are missing. This can occur for fields such as dates and phone numbers and should you then proceed to import this file, then the […]