How We Sold 639 Memberships Online in 96 Hours: Guest Post from the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose


Guest Post from Debbie McKenzie, Development Manager for Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose: These days it seems everyone is looking for the daily deal. Groupon and LivingSocial deals work well for admissions and drive people in the door, but we have found that they do little to convert the visitor into a member. Here […]


How To Set Up Interim Marking Columns


Interim or cumulative grades can be tracked by posting to interim marking columns created in Registrar’s Office. Although teachers will not have access to the interim marking columns in their gradebooks, they can view all marking column grade information entered in Registrar’s Office for the selected academic year by clicking History on the grade entry […]


The BEST Thing About bbcon


I asked a few members of the Altru team what their favorite thing about bbcon was. From meeting customers to karaoke to the grub, it seems like everyone had a fantastic time. Here are their responses: Other than all the exercise I got walking around the beautiful Gaylor Opryland hotel, my favorite part of BBCON […]


Guest Blog: Speaking the Language | Reconciling Fundraising and Accounting (part 2 of 2)


This is the second of two posts by Pam Dechert, Senior eTapestry Consultant, about reconciling your fundraising and accounting solutions.


Blackbaud Hosting Services and the Poodle Security Vulnerability


Recently, a team of security researchers announced a vulnerability named POODLE which affects SSL 3.0, the protocol most commonly used to secure transmission of sensitive data on the web.  This vulnerability was announced on October 14, 2014 and as of right now, no patches have been released by our vendors. During an emergency maintenance window […]


Using Social Media to Drive Donations and Registrations


Part 1: Let’s Talk About SEO Part 2: Email Marketing Part 3: Using Social Media to drive donations and registrations. Social media is a popular tool that has given rise to promising new ways for event participants to raise money online. The real power of social media comes through engaging a wide audience. What better way […]