Tell Your Story: How Arts & Cultural Organization Can Encourage Personal Storytelling


According to the blog there are 5 key motivators for giving: to support a particular organization because we are inspired by other’s stories to support a cause to feel good to participate in an event If the first one is easy what can we do to get those that already support us to inspire others to […]


Bill Codes Vs. Billing Items… What You Need To Know, And How They Make Your Life Easier!

feat School Cash Flow

With all the vacations and graduations each summer, it’s easy to forget that a new Billing Year is probably starting!  That means you’ll most likely be copying or creating Bill Codes and Billing items.  Before you begin though, let’s talk about what they are and how using them makes your life a lot easier in […]


Hosting Services Refresher: Managing Users


In this post we will review some best practices for managing your Citrix user accounts.  Citrix users in the Admins group are able to complete the following user management tasks for their organization:  adding or deleting users, resetting passwords, assigning to groups, and marking as inactive. Below we will discuss the 3 most common tasks […]


FREE Training Web Seminar About Page Designer and Custom Data Lists in Blackbaud CRM!

hard drives

Have you ever wanted to customize the way your records are arranged in Blackbaud CRM?  Or wished that a data list could include a couple of additional fields? There are ways to “customize” your CRM database even if you aren’t a backend developer.  Join Jim Ballou, Principal Solutions Engineer for Blackbaud CRM, to dig in […]


Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.58 New Features – Event Registration Form Enhancements


There are two new major features that have been added to the part type: “Event Registration Form” in NetCommunity Version 6.58: Event Capacity Part Event Capacity was suggested originally by a customer on the Blackbaud Community website and it received 37 votes at the following here: We saw that this was a feature that […]


Altru Implementation: A Customer Perspective


This series of posts are written by Claudia Gomez, the Membership Coordinator for San Antonio Children’s Museum. She’ll detail her experience of going through the Altru implementation process, from Kick Off to Go Live. The long and winding road that leads me to your door … kind of what happened with Altru and me. Six months ago, […]