bbcon 2014 Guest Blog: Query, Exports, Reports, Oh My!


Do you feel like Dorothy at the entrance to the enchanted forest when you try to retrieve information from The Raiser’s Edge? “Query, Export, Reports! Oh, my! Which way do I go??” I encounter a great deal of confusion from clients about where to go, when to do it and to do what the database. […]


Common Printer Problems & Solutions


Have you ever had to set up a new receipt printer for your front desk computers? Or maybe you moved around some computers and need to reconnect the printers. Or perhaps one day your receipts and tickets just stopped printing. These situations can put you in a tight spot when you need receipts and tickets […]


Marking Columns And Comments On Report Cards


At the end of a marking period, you may need to modify which marking column(s) display on your report cards. The marking columns can be modified by selecting the “Details” tab and opening the “Courses” section. Within the courses section, you can add a “New Column” or modify an existing column by highlighting the row […]


A Short Insight Into the BBMS Web Portal


Blackbaud Merchant Services is a payment service that integrates with Blackbaud products such as The Raiser’s Edge, eTapestry and Blackbaud NetCommunity. BBMS is great and what you can do to report on the donations that it processed is…great! One of things I want to cover is the Blackbaud Merchant Services Web Portal. The web portal […]


September 2014 Release to The Raiser’s Edge® and Luminate Online™ Integration


The latest update to The Raiser’s Edge and Luminate Online integration features improvements based on suggestions from you! The version 1.4.5359 update resolves the incidence of “Error: Failed: Required Field Missing [Address Field]” when bulk processing constituents. For more information about this update, you can reference Knowledgebase article BB751657. Users who host their own databases […]


Are Your Users Getting Hosting Services Communications?

feat email

Information on upcoming maintenance and upgrade schedules, unplanned outages, and important news, such as the announcement of the Hosting Services Status Page, is sent to our customers from the Blackbaud Hosting Services Communications team. If you are not receiving these email notifications, it is possible that you may not be setup to receive them, they […]