Add New Membership Programs in Altru

Do you offer lifetime memberships? Have you heard about sustaining giving programs? Are some of your upper level donors awarded membership based on contributions?

We have added great new features around all of these things and more. Lifetime memberships that were once shoehorned in with your annual program now live by themselves with their own rules and functions. Sustaining giving programs are easy to understand and create, so you can maximize what you get from your members. The system can filter through your donations and find the ones that qualify for memberships and add people to membership programs with zero effort on your part.  We have added so many features and options to programs; be sure to sign up for our webinar for all the details!

Usually with new features and options come an overwhelming sea of checkboxes and drop down menus. This new process of adding membership programs can adapt to the selections that you make. So if you choose a lifetime program, we won’t make you bother with renewal options; lifetime members never need to renew so you don’t need to see those options.

You only see the options that match the choices you make. This way, what you need is always there, and what you don’t need is automatically gone! We even took it one step further, peppering the interface with all sorts of useful tips to ensure that you make the best decisions when setting up your membership programs. Finally, when you get to the end of your program set up, we give you a nice review screen so you can look back and make sure that everything is set up exactly the way you want it.

All this new functionality ultimately lets you manage your membership programs more efficiently. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and you shouldn’t have to compromise the way you want to run your membership program. We want you to have features that not only let you do everything you want with your membership, but also provide features you haven’t even yet considered that will help you take your memberships into the future.

This is a big feature and we didn’t cover everything (including how-to’s) in this blog, so be sure to sign up for our webinars on Membership, scheduled for May 24th and May 29th. These two sessions will cover both membership setup and processing changes. Register today!

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