Coming Soon To Altru: New Member Services View

When a member calls you with a question about their membership, the last thing you want is to have to scramble around from screen to screen looking for the answer, while making idle chit chat so you can avoid the awkward silence. No one likes awkward silence, so we have designed and built a screen that lets you skip it and go straight to answering questions.

The first thing you see when you look at this new view – made available in our next release – is what I like to call “The Banner:”

We have a badge that shows the level of the membership, how much they paid, and the status of the membership. You can see who is on the membership (and manage the members), how long until they expire, when their expiration date is, how long they have been a member, and you’re only one click away from starting the renewal process. You can even add an interaction if you want to make a record of the phone call you are having right now or issue a new membership card if need be.

This view is nice by itself, but we also included it on the constituent’s record, so when you are in the constituent’s record you still have access to all of this information and tasks. Fewer clicks to get to the information you want is always a good thing.

When you want to get even more information about this membership, you just need to look a little further down the page. Is the member calling in to correct their address? We have you covered.

You can review and edit contact information and see the member’s constituencies, information on the lifetime of their membership, and other memberships they might be a part of.

We also wanted to give you information on recent activities; did the member attend an event? Have a recent interaction? You can see the most recent activities here as well as easily go view all of them. Do you need to see the benefits the member has received? Or what cards have been issued? You can see that here and are one click away from viewing all of them.

Additionally, this page shows you recent transactions so you can see the history of the membership throughout the years:

This new member view gives you all the information you might need about a member on one page; no more awkward silence or idle chit chat. Instead you will have faster calls, more satisfied members, and hopefully it will make the life of the person answering the phone just a little better.

Here’s a video, for those visual learners out there:

This is just one of the new features coming your way in the next release. To get all the details and how-to’s, please sign up for our webinars on Membership, scheduled for May 24th and May 29th. These two sessions will cover both membership setup and processing changes – encourage your colleagues to register today!

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