Non-Profits: Use Instagram to Inspire

With 50 million users and an acquisition by Facebook for $1 billion in April, Instagram is the newest sensation in sharing. Users can view images posted by their friends and family, as well as follow their favorite celebrity, food blogger, or – you guessed it – non-profit organization.

I ran across this article on Mashable today, featuring 10 Inspring Non-Profits on Instagram. Click on the image below to check out their beautiful and inspirinig images and see how they are using this app to spread the word about their mission.


Similar to Pinterest, Instagram lets you use powerful images from your organization to share your work with followers. You can focus on the needs of your organization for a fundraiser, such as images of your brand new amphitheater built from donations, or focus on the impact your organization has on the community with pictures of smiling children at summer camp.  You can share images from galas, concerts, birthday parties, children’s activities, exhibits, galleries, and more! It’s been said that “a picture is worth 1000 words;” perhaps it’s time to start communicating with your supporters more concisely!

Is your organization using Instagram? Tell us what you think of the app. If you do use it, what organizations do you follow?

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  1. Hi,

    Great article. Oceans ran a very engaging Instagram campaign for World Oceans Day, asking users to hashtag #oceans. The global Fin Free movement which seeks to end shark finning has asked users to tag #finfree on their favorite photos of sharks and their activity in the field and at events with their efforts in protecting sharks.

    Engaging users and rewarding them by featuring their posts is a great way for nonprofits to build their trust and relationships with supporters.

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