Global Changes for Blackbaud CRM 2.91

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself – Andy Warhol

Luckily, you now have help making some of these changes more efficiently!  Version 2.91 of Blackbaud CRM introduces several new Global Change features that will help save you time!

NOTE: Before processing any global change, back up your database.  If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

Additional Fundraising Global Change Definitions:
Manage purpose or designation information and Manage purpose or designation attributes are two new processes that allow you to add, edit, and delete information and attributes on selections of purpose or designation records.

Do you have a particular report code that needs to be added to a group of Designations or Purposes?  If so, the Manage purpose or designation information  global change is here to help:

Simply configure your parameter, Save, Process your global change and voila, your Designations now include the additional Report Code.

Global Change Definition for Sites:
We’ve also added Site Security to a number of different records:  Ask Ladders, Lists, Prospect Research Requests, Research Groups, and Segments.  After an upgrade, these records will not have a site assigned to them.  However, you can use the Add site to records process to quickly and easily assign Site security to these record types.

Now that we offer Site Security on Segments, would you like to add a particular Site to a group of them?

Configure the template above, Save, and Process your global change to quickly assign Site security to the selected Segments.

Lastly, don’t forget to explore the other available Global Change processes!

Auction Donation

  • Auction donation write-off

Audit tables

  • Delete audit data
  • Enable or disable audit tables

Batch Reports

  • Batch control and exception report delete

Business Process

  • Business process output delete


  • Add constituent attribute
  • Add constituent interaction
  • Add constituent mail preference
  • Add constituent solicit code
  • Add relationship manager
  • Add site to constituent
  • Add user-defined constituency
  • Change relationship manager
  • Cleanup inactive prospect’s interactions
  • Delete constituent attribute
  • Delete constituent mail preference
  • Delete constituent solicit code
  • Delete site on constituent
  • Delete user-defined constituency
  • Set all constituent mail preferences
  • Address Geocode

Fundraising Efforts 

  • Refresh event registration campaigns on payments
  • Refresh membership program campaigns on payments
  • Retag revenue split records with new campaign.

Major Giving

  • Set auto-calculate realized amount


  • Map marketing plan task owners to staff members


  • Credit card conversion
  • Set recognition credit type
  • Set recurring gift status


  • Adjust sponsorship rates
  • Cancel expired sponsorships
  • Complete pending transfers
  • Unlock online sponsorship opportunity transactions
  • Unlock sponsorship opportunities
  • Unreserve opportunity reservation keys.

For explanations of these Global Change definitions, review the Blackbaud CRM Administration Guide.

Be sure to check out these helpful Global Change features; as they say, “time is precious thing to waste!”

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