How Smart Are Your Smart Fields in Blackbaud CRM?

Smart fields are calculated fields that are available for reports and queries which combine multiple pieces of data or decide which data to display based on what is available. The purpose of smart fields is to provide calculated information about Constituents within your database in a time-saving manner.

You may often run a query to find when the last time a Constituent made a donation to your organization. With smart fields, you can determine this information automatically without the need of a query by processing a smart field that is set up to return the date of the latest gift each Constituent has made. Since your Constituents donate at any time, it is very important to make sure that the smart field values are up-to-date in order to return the correct information. Smart fields are only as “smart” as the last time they were processed!

So what is the best way to keep your smart fields up-to-date? Set up and process them within a scheduled queue!

Within Administration>Queue we can add a new queue and include one or more smart field refresh processes as steps within the queue.

Once the queue is set up, you can then add a job schedule to specify when the queue process will automatically run. This can be set to run during overnight hours when your users are not working in the software.

After processing the scheduled queue, you can see that all of the Smart Fields selected were processed successfully within the queue!

You can also create a query to pull the updated values for the smart fields as well by expanding ‘Smart Fields’ within Field Explorer and selecting ‘Value’ as an Output Field.

As you can see, setting up your smart fields to be processed within a Queue can be a great time-saver as well as increase overall system performance by scheduling them overnight!

You can find more information about creating smart fields in our user guide.

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