Using Hall Images in The Patron Edge Online – Part 1

Why use Hall Images?
Hall Images allow customers to quickly see what seating is available and what to expect from their chosen seat, and is a great way to enhance the online booking experience. Adding simpler navigation to image maps and allowing customers to see the view from the seat they choose gives them a more interactive and satisfying visit and makes your site look much more professional in content and design.

In this post, we will look at the hall image and are mapping functionality.

How to set your Image:
To set up this functionality, follow these steps:

1. Log in to The Patron Edge Online Administration Site.
2. Go to Content, Events, Halls and single-click the relevant Hall to select it.

If you have not set a picture for the Hall you will need to do this first. To choose your image, double-click on the hall to open the Editor Window:

3. Click the picture icon next to the Picture field.
4. To upload a new picture, click ‘Load Image’.

5. Browse to the file you want and click OK to upload.
6. Now you have the image uploaded you can use it to map to specific areas. To do this, click to highlight the Hall and select the Update Venue Picture icon from the toolbar and you will see the following screen:

7. Choose the area you wish to map (e.g. Main Stalls) and select New Area from the drop down list.
8. To start the mapping, click the Build/Add New Coords button.
9. Move the mouse over the relevant area in the venue image and click to set the boundaries for these coordinates.

10. Once you have set your boundaries, click the Save Coords icon.
11. Repeat this process until you have mapped all areas.

12. Click Save from the toolbar to save all changes.

You have now successfully mapped your areas! You will now see on your Patron Edge Online Website that when you click to buy tickets, the Venue Image will be displayed rather than the seating plan.

This is where you can choose the area in which you want to sit. If you hover over the areas it will tell you the name (Left Balcony, Main Stalls etc). Click to choose where you want to sit, and the seating plan for that area will then load.

You can then complete the booking process as normal.

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