Printing in Blackbaud Hosting Services

In this post, we will review some of the common questions about printing from within Blackbaud’s hosted environment.

Q: How do I print to other printers in my network?

A: For Windows users – The Citrix Universal Printer! The Citrix Universal Printer appears as a standard option in the Printer Setup menu within the hosted application. To use it, simply select File > Print Setup, and choose the Citrix Universal Printer option from the Printer drop-down menu:
print setup

Once the Citrix Universal Printer has been selected, click OK, and proceed with printing as normal. When the document is created, it will appear in a preview window within the Citrix session, called the EMF Viewer:
print EMF viewer

The user can click the printer icon in the upper left corner, select the desired network printer and any additional options/preferences needed, and click Print:

print window CUP

This information can also be found in Knowledgebase solution: How to use the Citrix Universal Printer(includes video demo).

For Mac users – Log out of the application and the Citrix environment, change the default printer on the machine, then log back into Citrix. This will pull the new printer information into the connection and make it available to the user in the Print Setup.
Q: How do I print to a different printer tray, or change my printer options?

A: If you are printing to your default printer, before clicking the Print button, select File > Print Setup from the menu bar. Once you have confirmed the appropriate printer is listed, click the Properties button to the right of the printer name. This will bring up the properties window:
print properties

To select a specific tray, click the Local Settings button, which will open another window with all of the options available for the specified printer. When the appropriate settings are selected, click OK to back out of the Print Setup options, and then proceed to print as normal.

If using the Citrix Universal Printer, you can still choose your print options, the steps are just slightly different.  After going through all the steps in answer number one to bring up the EMF Viewer and select the desired printer, just prior to clicking Print, select the Preferences button:
print window CUP

The Preferences button brings up the same options window that we would see under the Local Settings button for our default printer setup, which allows users to set options specific to the selected printer.

Q: How do I print to a PDF document?

A: Use the Bullzip PDF Printer or Microsoft XPS Document Writer that is installed on your local workstation.  If you select to print to either of these locally installed print drivers, you have the ability to save the file directly to your workstation or shared network drive. Those locally installed print drivers can be selected from within the Citrix Universal Printer options.



If you have any questions about printing in the hosted environment, please contact our Hosting Support team using our chat feature.

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