How To Avoid Fraudulent Transactions

To help you protect your relationship with your constituents, we are bringing to your attention a couple of scenarios in Blackbaud Sphere that have been reported by some of our clients:

1. Donor said he accidentally entered $9,000 instead of $900 and wanted a refund of $8,100 to a different card

2. Donor paid $800 for an event on a stolen credit card and said he changed his mind and wanted a refund to a different card.

In both cases, the person used a stolen credit card for the initial payment and requested the refund to a different card (owned by that individual). In cases where you have identified this fraudulent situation, it is imperative that you issue a refund immediately using the refund feature in Sphere to the same credit card. Do NOT, under any circumstances, refund the transaction to another credit card or through any other system, i.e., do not refund through a point-of-sale system or write a check for the refund.

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  1. it is imperative that you issue a refund immediately using the refund feature in Sphere to the same credit card

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