Global Change: Things to Consider


Now that we have global change, let’s not just jump in and start changing records. Before making changes, there’s things to consider. There’s no undo. Be sure to check and double check before you start your global change. Make sure that the query of records you are changing is right. Check the settings on the global […]


Global Change: Let’s Get Ready to Change Some Records!


Let’s say you want to add a new attribute to a group of records or Let’s say that one of your fundraisers has left the organization and you want to assign a new fundraiser to the records or Let’s say you are doing data cleanup and want to remove an attribute that’s no longer user […]


When do you offer partial refunds?


With the 3.15 release of Altru, we gave you the ability to partially refund. In our latest release (3.16 & 3.17, July 2014), we added a little more functionality – giving you the ability to keep the membership or ticket active, while refunding part of the purchase price. Since you all know HOW to use […]


Altru 3.16 & 3.17 Released Next Week


Next week, you’ll find new features included in your Altru™ subscription designed to increase efficiency and add functionality! Visit the Altru New Features page to get all the information and guidance you need to begin using the new features right away. This release combines the features planned for Altru release 3.16 as well as additional features […]


Are you recognizing and rewarding your Loyal and Major Donors?


I have been a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan and attend more than 10 games every season when I’m not on the road helping our Arts and Cultural Clients. One thing I have noticed over the years is how the Kansas City Royals reward their loyal fans, is by making them pay to rebuild their […]


Best Practices for Cancelling Group Sales

feat groupSales

Have you ever had a group call and cancel at the last minute? I think we’ve all been there. However, what comes next is a little different for every organization. Perhaps you require a deposit and keep that deposit. Or maybe your groups pay when they come, so you just have the reservation record but […]