Watching the Numbers: How Tulsa Children’s Museum Optimized Their Merchandise Sales

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Guest Post from Susan Daubeneck, Tulsa Children’s Museum: We just launched our Merch Shop in January. Right now it’s a 7’ by 4’ wall display, with additional stock stored behind our front desk. We sell museum hats, t-shirts, and pencils as well as a few key science and creativity items. (Science Kits, Creativity Cans and […]


Making Membership Entry Easier in Altru


As a former museum Visitor Services Manager and current trainer in Altru, I work with a lot of staff members in charge of membership data entry. As this is one of the most difficult processes to learn, I’m here to discuss some tips for making this process as error- and pain-free as possible. Why do […]


Rookie Mistakes: How I Solved My Query Quandaries by Stephanie Henke


I made many, many mistakes when I first started creating queries in Altru (see my top 9 below, in 500 words or less). But as the saying goes, if you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t working hard enough. And that is how you should approach queries: you won’t find your mistakes until you make them. […]


How to Handle Data Requests in Altru: Guest Post from Kristina Gerard

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Throughout the day I get requests from staff about everything Altru. These requests range from helping someone update a constituent’s address, to larger requests like pulling a list of active members who have given $X amount or more to a specific designation and also attended a specific event, and the output needs to include 2 […]


Appeal VS Acknowledgements: Why You Can’t See Your Selection


Connecting with your constituents is one of the major features of Altru. Our appeal mailings and acknowledgement processes allow you to easily get a tailor-made message to a specific group of constituents. For example, let’s say you want to connect with patrons who attended Event A and gave to designation Z who are also expired […]


Classes Available in August

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Every month there are new opportunities to learn more about Altru. Whether you’re just getting started or want to review or deepen your skills, we’ve got classes for you. Here’s the list of what is available in August: Appeals & Mailings 101 - Aug 1, 19 This 2-hour instructor-led class will introduce the Appeal and Mailings […]