Tell Your Story: How Arts & Cultural Organization Can Encourage Personal Storytelling


According to the blog there are 5 key motivators for giving: to support a particular organization because we are inspired by other’s stories to support a cause to feel good to participate in an event If the first one is easy what can we do to get those that already support us to inspire others to […]


Altru Implementation: A Customer Perspective


This series of posts are written by Claudia Gomez, the Membership Coordinator for San Antonio Children’s Museum. She’ll detail her experience of going through the Altru implementation process, from Kick Off to Go Live. The long and winding road that leads me to your door … kind of what happened with Altru and me. Six months ago, […]


Today’s Tip: 3 More Query Tips


Following up from my last post on Query tips and tricks, there’s a few more I want to add. Tip 1 – Access your queries throughout Altru. If you want to be able to use a query throughout the program (in a mailing or export), be sure to select to “create a selection” when saving […]


Bok Tower Gardens Celebrates All Its Lovebirds


On Saturday, February 15th, Bok Tower Gardens welcomed all  its former lovebirds at their wedding reunion celebration. Brides and grooms, as well as those who “popped the question” at the Gardens were invited to participate in the ceremonial Crossing of the Moat. Guests enjoyed a special Valentine’s carillon concert by Geert D’hollander and were able to […]


Important Security Advisory – Heartbleed Bug

feat Exclamation

Recently, a team of security researchers announced a vulnerability named “Heartbleed” (CVE‑2014‑0160) which affects SSL, the protocol most commonly used to secure transmission of sensitive data on the web, from credit cards to personal information, and the very keys that protect that data.  In this context, we would like to inform you that your Blackbaud […]


Today’s Tip: Did You Forget Your Password?

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As a Support Specialist, I get to work with Altru users every day. I’m either on the phone, in the community, or chatting, resolving issues and answering questions. While that takes up a good bit of my time, the rest of my day is spent creating resources that can help our customers resolve their issues […]