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Check Out the New Knowledgebase Changes Coming Your Way!


We invite you to read more about the new Knowledgebase changes happening here in Support. Check it out: New Knowledgebase Changes. If you want to be in the know, make sure to subscribe to our Support News blog!


Find The Failed Transactions in Your Account


A contact reaches out to you and says their transaction didn’t process but they’ve been charged.  You can’t find them in the bookkeeping of your event and are concerned they were incorrectly charged or charged and not pushed through to your event. Not to worry you can find your way through Sphere to verify the […]


Email Marketing


eNewsletters are a great way to keep your volunteers, participants, and donors interested, engaged and wanting to come back. Sending a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly email out to your subscribers is a great practice. Consider including community events, upcoming activities, classes, and certification courses to keep people involved and current. eNewsletters can help your […]


Let’s Talk About SEO


Welcome to Sphere’s first blog series on optimizing your event pages and CMS using Sphere and the help of SEO, Social Media, Design, Email Marketing, and Google Analytics. Part 1: What is SEO? – Should I be using it? (Yes.) Tips on how to use the best  keywords and meta tags for your organization to […]


Microsoft Internet Explorer “Use-After-Free” Vulnerability


Over the weekend, a security flaw was discovered with Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6 through 11. The security flaw allows malicious hackers to get around security protections in the Windows operating system. They then can be infected when visiting a compromised website.  Microsoft is working a fix; however, at this time the Department of Homeland Security has recommended that […]


Important Security Advisory – Heartbleed Bug

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Recently, a team of security researchers announced a vulnerability named “Heartbleed” (CVE‑2014‑0160) which affects SSL, the protocol most commonly used to secure transmission of sensitive data on the web, from credit cards to personal information, and the very keys that protect that data.  In this context, we would like to inform you that your Blackbaud […]