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Using Social Media to Drive Donations and Registrations


Part 1: Let’s Talk About SEO Part 2: Email Marketing Part 3: Using Social Media to drive donations and registrations. Social media is a popular tool that has given rise to promising new ways for event participants to raise money online. The real power of social media comes through engaging a wide audience. What better way […]


Turn Contacts into Donors Using Segmentation


Managing your nonprofit’s constituent database is key for successful fundraising. Find out the advantages of using segments in your constituent database and turn contacts into donors today!   What is Segmentation? Segmentation is the process of grouping constituents based on common characteristics. What are the advantages? Successful fundraising is often enhanced through customizing your communication […]


How to Find Payments Based on Card Holder Name


When a participant is registered for an event or a donation is made, the transaction owner/card holder maybe a different name than the participant or donor name entered. How this can happen in your account: A company may pay for multiple people to register for an event but the card holder name is not entered […]


Important Information Regarding the Shellshock Vulnerability and Hosting Services

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Recently, a team of security researchers announced a vulnerability named “shellshock” (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169) which affects Bash, a program that some Unix-based systems utilize to execute command lines and scripts.  In this context, we would like to inform you that the following Blackbaud Hosting Services products are secure: ALTRU Blackbaud Enterprise CRM (BBCRM) Blackbaud Merchant Services […]


Check Out the New Knowledgebase Changes Coming Your Way!


We invite you to read more about the new Knowledgebase changes happening here in Support. Check it out: New Knowledgebase Changes. If you want to be in the know, make sure to subscribe to our Support News blog!


Find The Failed Transactions in Your Account


A contact reaches out to you and says their transaction didn’t process but they’ve been charged.  You can’t find them in the bookkeeping of your event and are concerned they were incorrectly charged or charged and not pushed through to your event. Not to worry you can find your way through Sphere to verify the […]