“Jack Draws Anything”…and Ed Thanks Everyone

Last week, I had a chance to participate in a very special nonprofit event. Blackbaud Europe sponsored the Be Good Be Social conference at the University of Edinburgh. They are a passionate contingent of nonprofit techies who have gathered to share their insights on social networking and its advantage towards their various missions.

There were moving presentations by representatives of Shelter Scotland and Missing People, but the highlight of the night for me was the kickoff presentation and Q&A by Ed Henderson. Ed, father of Jack Henderson of Jack Draws Anything fame, reminded me that technology is best when accompanied by a sincere motive, a good story, and a prompt expression of gratitude. Henderson makes it a point to personally respond to each email he receives in response to his son’s website. In fact, he responded to 2,000 emails in one week. What touched me personally? Caught up in the excitement of the event, I tried a feeble attempt at a tweet. And Ed thanked me. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a dramatic gesture to distinguish oneself.   

Jack’s original fundraising goal for helping Sick Kids Foundation was £100. He raised £10,000 in his first two weeks of picture requests, and after 8 months the website had over 400,000 visits.

Did social networking make this possible? Undeniably. But what takes it to the next level? Sincere relationship building and interaction.

If you have 40 minutes to view an inspiring talk, enjoy!

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