Clearing the Clutter

Spring cleaning may conjure up thoughts of a lot of elbow grease and throwing out the junk. What does this mean when it refers to your eTapestry database?

A great starting point is to find the accounts that may be possible duplicates. Running the Duplicate Report found in your standard eTapestry reports is the easiest way to spot those duplicate accounts and then merge then together. Review Spotting Duplicate Accounts in eTapestry for details on running the Duplicate Report and other ways to clean up those accounts that may be a possible duplicate.

Another route to take is to delete those accounts that are not donating, volunteering, or have not had some activity with your Organization on a regular basis. As an organization, you will want to ask yourself “What is a regular basis for our Organization?” This may be a 5, 7 or ten year span of no activity. No one wants to shut out any potential donors which is why it is important to discuss what accounts would be in the pile of constituents to delete. A good rule of thumb is to either find those accounts that have zero journal entries or have not donated or volunteered for the past 10 years.

How do you isolate those accounts that have zero journal entries? You can create the following query to gather those accounts:

1. Go to Query and click on a category that you want to store this query in.
2. Click New Query under the tasks menu.
3. Name the query Constituents with zero journal entries.
4. Set the Starting criteria to Base /All Journal entries.
5. Set the Data Return Type to Accounts.
6. Under MATCH select All.
7. Choose Cumulative Amounts from the Available Fields drop down menu and click on Cumulative Number Journal Entries.
8. Fill in Equal To/ 0 and click save and Preview.

How do I delete a constituent in eTapestry?

1. Search for the account and click on the name when it appears.
2. Click on the blue “Other” link in the header of the account.
3. Click on the delete/merge role button..
4. Click Delete.

Keep in mind you will need to make sure any transactions and relationships are deleted before the entire account can be deleted.

After clearing the clutter your eTapestry database will undoubtedly be clean for Spring and Summer fundraising.

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