Year End Receipting || Creating Documents

Pile of Christmas Presents on white backgroundNow that we’ve talked about querying and templates for your year end receipts, the last piece of the process is to Create Documents.  These steps can differ depending on whether or not you have our eReceipt module.  Some of you may see a Receipt step during this process some of you may not.  Some of you may have the eReceipt module, but not want to generate receipts.

  1. Click Communications on the menu bar
  2. Click the Category you built the template in
  3. Click the Create Documents link under the name of the template you built
  4. Set the Category to the one you built the query in (Example: Base)
  5. Set the Query to 2014 Donations From Clean Mailing List – JE
  6. Click Next to go to step 2: Document Options
  7. Select Word or PDF
  8. Fill in the File Name
  9. Set the Grouping to One Document Per Account
  10. Click Next to go to step 3: Receipt (If you don’t have the eReceipt Module you want see this step.  You can move on to step 12)
  11. Select the Generate option (If you didn’t include the Generated Receipt Number merge tag in your template you will not be able to select the Generate option)
  12. Click Next to go to step 4: Delivery
  13. Select Download
  14. Click Next to go to step 5: Tracking
  15. Check the Create A Journal Contact For Each Account if you want a record that shows a receipt letter was generated for each person (optional)
  16. Click Next to go to step 6: Preview/Run
  17. Click Run

eReceipt Tips
When you go to run the query through the template using the Create Document process, you will need to set the Grouping to One Document Per Account.  This way you only create one letter for each person.  We did this on Step 9.  If someone has given more than one donation, then the same receipt number will be generated for each of their transactions since you are grouping them by One Document Per Account.  It is possible to generate a completely separate number for each transaction if you need to do that.

To generate a completely separate receipt number for each transaction tag you would actually need to leave the Grouping set to One Document Per Journal Entry.  This way a separate letter is created for each donation.  In turn, each donation would get its own receipt number.  You would then discard the PDF or Word file you created and run the Create Document process a second time.  On the second run through you would set the Grouping to One Document Per Account so you only create one letter. Then you would choose the Nothing option on the Receipting step since you already created a receipt number on the first run through.


Video: Creating Documents

We also have recorded videos on how to handle year end mailings.  There are some videos in that section specifically on how to generate eReceipts.  The videos are using the old menu system unfortunately, but the steps really aren’t any different.  Instead of clicking the Communicate tab you click Communications on the menu bar.  Other than that the steps are exactly the same.

Here are steps to those videos:

  1. Click Help & Support in the upper right corner
  2. Click Training
  3. Scroll down to the Annual Receipts section
  4. Watch the videos listed there

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