Email the W-2 to Your Employees

The end of January is near and those W-2s need to get processed. To save time, money, and paper, consider emailing your employees their W-2s. This is an efficient and very easy process.

1. Open the W-2 Wizard and select the applicable state and locality taxes.
2. On the following screen, select Yes to have any of your employees elected to only receive W-2 forms electronically. (See the screen shot below.)
3. On the W-2 Preparer grid, mark the Electronic W-2 checkbox on the rows for the employees who have elected to receive their W-2s electronically.
4. Enter the email addresses for the selected employees in the Email address column.
5. Complete the rest of your W-2 processes.
6. Aatrix will then process and email the selected employees a notification and link to their W-2.

    To find out additional information about Aatrix, please visit their website. Also make sure to revisit our Payroll end-of-year blog for more ways to improve your end-of-year Payroll processing.


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