Got an Hour? Learn General Ledger!

We all have constraints on our time.  How great would it be if you could spend an hour or two  and learn about General Ledger?  Let’s say it’s your job to create new journal entries.  Instead of trying to teach yourself or read a manual, why not spend a couple of hours in an online class targeted specifically at you – the journal entry creator?

You can now pick from a list of shorter classes that will give you information about just what you need to know.  Each class is only one or two hours long and provides the opportunity to interface with a live instructor in a virtual classroom.  So now, you have choices!  You can take the three-day classroom class, the two-day online class, or take specific shorter classes to learn General Ledger.  And, if you’ve already signed up for or taken the multiple day classes, you can use the targeted shorter classes for review!

Check out this list of classes:

The Financial Edge:  Navigation, Home Page and Options (1 hour)

General Ledger: System Setup (1 hour)

The Financial Edge: Security (1 hour)

The Financial Edge: Field Options and Attributes (2 hours)

General Ledger: Beginning Balances (1 hour)

General Ledger: Account Management (2 hours)

General Ledger: Grant Reimbursements (2 hours)

General Ledger: Journal Entry I (2 hours)

General Ledger: Journal Entry II (2 hours)

General Ledger: Visual Chart Organizer II (2 hours)

The Financial Edge: Report Settings (2 hours)

The Financial Edge: Dashboards (2 hours)

General Ledger: Balance Sheets and Income Statements (2 hours)

General Ledger: FAS 117 Reports (2 hours)

General Ledger: Account Reports (2 hours)

General Ledger: Journal and Batch Reports (1 hour)

General Ledger: End of Year (1 hour)

General Ledger: Income and Expense Allocations using Allocation Management (2 hours)


And don’t forget to check out all Financial Edge classes to round out your learning!

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