Actions and Reminders in The Raiser’s Edge

Have you or your gift officers missed appointments or not rescheduled them for coworkers who were out sick? Do you know what constituent visits are planned in the coming months? Actions can be a vital tool to keep track not only of constituent history, but also of what you have planned for the future.

Actions can be created inside a constituent record or directly from the Records page in the Actions area. When you enter Actions, you can specify an overall category, define a specific type of action (based on a customizable table in Configuration), and indicate the date that the action will occur. If this is an action that a solicitor or gift officer should be involved in or be aware of, you can associate one or more with the action. Then, reports such as the Tickler Report or dashboard panels like the Solicitor Action List or Constituent Action List can help keep you informed about what has been done or is planned.

You can have reminders for the actions you enter appear in The Raiser’s Edge on the Home page of one or more users or even have the actions appear in their Outlook calendars. To have the action appear in a user’s Outlook calendar, you can associate his or her Outlook name with the username in the Security area of Administration. This option is available even if your organization does not integrate The Raiser’s Edge with Outlook.

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  1. What do you do when a user leaves you organization? How do you transfer their action reminders to another user? Download our free plug-in to transfer users.


  2. Does this also apply to hosted organizations?

  3. If your organization is hosted and you are interested in setting up the Outlook Integration, we have detailed instructions on how to set it up in that environment in our Knowledgebase in solution BB214238.

  4. Our Foundation integrate The Raiser’s Edge with Outlook often in the past. Great time savor.. Now we up graded to Windows 7 Operating system using MS Office 2003. We no longer have the option to integrate with Raisers Edge. We contacted Blackbaud for help, but they were unable to resolve the Integration issue. 

    Now we are going to up grade to MS Office 10. I wonder if anyone is using the Integration option for Raisers Edge?


  5. Hi, Terri. You may want to post this question on our forums to hear from other organizations that are using the integration option: Or you can create a case to get help from a support analyst:–I didn’t see a recent case for your organization on this integration issue, but we’ll be glad to help!

  6.  You can use MS Office 10 if it’s the 32-bit version. I believe there’s issues with 64-bit Office 10. MS Office 07 can use either 32 or 64 bit, if I recall correctly.

  7. Our MS Office is 32 bit. I followed the instructions from solution BB214238, and some computer worked and some did not. We placed this issue on low priority. Thank you for all responses. I will try again next yr.

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