Event Shortcut: Globally Adding Participants to an Event in The Raiser’s Edge 7

This month, I’m blogging all about Event Shortcuts in The Raiser’s Edge 7. Since the holidays are approaching, hopefully these shortcuts will help to save you some time so that you can focus more on your fundraising goals. 

These shortcuts apply if you have the optional Events module in The Raiser’s Edge 7. If you currently don’t have the Events module, please visit How to add and track events without the Events module in our Knowledgebase.

Last week’s topic was copying from one event to another. If you have an event that is held annually, such as a Holiday Gala, it can be a lot of work to recreate the same event year after year. Event participants are not included in the details that copy over from one event to another. So how can you quickly add event registrants, sponsors and guests from last year’s event to this year’s event – without manual entry? You can do this globally, or all at one time, if the event participants from the previous event have constituent records that are already in your database. To do so, follow these instructions:

1. Create an Indivdual (or Organization) query with the following filter:
     -Event Participations > Events > ID = [Event ID of last year’s event]
      (ex:   Holiday Gala 2010)

2. Save the query.

3. Go to Admin > Globally Add Records.

4. In the Add drop-down, select ‘Registrants for an event’, ‘Sponsors for an event’, or ‘Guests for an event’, as it applies to your situation.

5. From the ‘Include’ button, choose either Selected Individuals or Selected Organizations, depending on what type of query you created in step 1.

6. In the Event field, use the binoculars to search for the event to which you want to add these participants.

7. If there are similar details to add for each of the participants in the query (ex: they all have the same Solicitor, or should all be listed as ‘Invited’), then click on the Registrant Information button to enter those details.

8. Mark the appropriate checkboxes at the bottom of the screen, depending on your preferences.

9. Click Add Now.

10. Repeat steps as necessary for Organizations, Sponsors, and/or Guests.

These steps are also available in How to globally add registrants (participants) to an event from our Knowledgebase. Additional event data entry information can also be found in the Event Management Data Entry Guide in the User Guides section of our website. 

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