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We’re pleased to introduce the Blackbaud Hosting blog! This blog will include the latest hosting information, tips for using hosting effectively, and important announcements. You can subscribe by email or RSS to be notified when the blog is updated.

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  1. Thank you for starting this blog! We have experienced countless headaches and frustrations with the hosting environment since we switched over about 18 months ago. The lack of good information about features and procedures, etc, was disappointing, so this blog should really help.

    What I would most like to see is hints and tips for managing the hosting environment (I am the Site Admin) and also hints and tips for resolving the glitches and bugs we keep experiencing on the Citrix/hosted side.

    Thank you again,
    Tim Entner
    Dayton Christian School System

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing about the latest improvements. Is there a way to synchronize the Citrix login information with the Raiser’s Edge login information so users only have a single login to access Raiser’s Edge?

  4. Thanks for the feedback Jeff!  You can utilize a single login by enabling
    Windows Authentication in The Raiser’s Edge:

  5. We are relatively new to the hosting environment (less than 6 months), but have been a Blackbaud client for over 23 years when I first converted everything in our Development Office to what is now Raiser’s Edge. 

    I, too, am looking forward to hearing more about how the hosted environment should work and what work-arounds others have found for the glitches we run into.

    Carol Theis
    Director of Data Operations
    The Agnes Irwin School
    Rosemont, PA

  6. Hi, Jeff.  I am not sure if you have already gotten your answer, but what you have to do is change your users in Raiser’s Edge to use Windows authentication and associate it with their Blackbaud Hosting Citrix account.  This results in their only getting asked for Citrtix login credentials and RE will open without any other login required.

    I hope this helps. 

  7. Any knowledge sharing about working in RE from hosting is most welcome, especially the challenges of using a Mac verses PC. I never know if a problem is hosting related or Mac related.

  8. Has anyone tried Citrix Receiver 3.1 with RE hosting? I had to do several installs before it worked at all. Then the next day connectivity went to pieces. I removed it and re-installed CitrixOnlinePluginWeb v12.1.44 and all has been fine.

    Blackbaud says we should be using Receiver 3.1 per their 1/13/12 email “Upcoming improvements to Blackbaud Application Hosting,” but from my experience it’s not ready.

  9. Hi Phil, we haven’t had any reports of problems installing Citrix Receiver 3.1.  I would suggest creating a case on Case Central ( so that a Hosting Support analyst can assist you with this issue. 

  10. How to Fix Citrix Error 2320 for ICA Client 12.1

    Here’s a very helpful link if you run into this problem after uninstalling Receiver 3.1. According to the blogger, “the new Citrix Receiver 3.0 is not compatible with your old Presentation Server 4.0 farm.”

  11. I am looking for ideas in creating new reports based on this year vs last year giving.  Is there a variety of reports that Raiser’s Edge has that I can look at for ideas?

  12. The reporting guides are the best place to start:

  13. You might want to post this question on the forums as well:

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