Unlock Code Generator

Not too long ago we released a do-it-yourself unlock code generator for any optional module(s) or additional user licenses you may have purchased.  Once you have purchased the optional module from your Account Manager, you can now generate the code without having to contact Support. 

When you use the unlock code generator, all previously purchased modules will be listed, so it is also a great tool if you decide to get an additional database and need to unlock missing modules or check which modules you currently have. 

I have outlined the steps below to use the unlock code generator and to unlock optional modules.

1. Generate the code online using the Unlock Code Generator.
2. Log into the database as Supervisor.
3. Select Tools, Unlock Optional Modules from the menu bar.
4. Enter the unlock code in all capital letters and click OK. (If the unlock code is not accepted, email your database version, serial number, and unlock code request to unlockcodes@blackbaud.com.)
5. Repeat the process for each module to unlock.
6. Exit and sign out of the software and log back in as Supervisor.
7. In Administration, select Set up system security and add or remove rights to the optional module, as necessary.
8. Have users exit and sign out of the software. When they log in again, the new optional module(s) will be available.

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