Unlock Your Potential with The Raiser’s Edge Version 7.92

We’re very excited to bring you version 7.92 of The Raiser’s Edge! You’ll find brand new features you’ve been waiting for, including built-in smart analytics that will help you maximize relationships and donations.

Here are some highlights from this release:

  • The Giving Score: The Giving Score identifies the supporters that are most likely to give — revealing where you should focus your fundraising efforts. Once you know where to focus, you can more precisely target your prospects, tailor your message and maximize your donations.
  • The Giving Score Workspace: From one convenient workspace, update information about the cultivation of your donors. For example, you can pull up a list of your best supporters and quickly narrow that list to show only the largest donors, see their giving history, and add or update actions and notes — all in one place.
  •  Query Lists: Eliminate the need to pass spreadsheets around the office. Now you can add or remove one or more constituents from your lists or suppress duplicates — right in The Raiser’s Edge. If The Raiser’s Edge is hosted, you can access and edit your lists while you’re away from the office — in real time.
  • Event Updates: If you use The Raiser’s Edge-Event module, you’ll be able to update the attendance status of event attendees with just one click. If The Raiser’s Edge is hosted, you can use this feature to check-in your attendees during the event.
  • Constituent Enhancements:  The ability to search on a phone number or email address and to locate people in your database even if you don’t have their full name will help reduce the occurrence of duplicate records. We’ve also improved the search function to include first name, last name, middle initial, suffix, address, phone number, and email.

We’ve assembled comprehensive resources to help you prepare for the latest version of The Raiser’s Edge. We want to make sure you’re ready when the release is available for download by the end of April.

  • Speed Webinars: 15-minute sessions focused on one feature each to more easily fit in your calendar. Attend one or all, but register now! Enterprise customers: register for your webinars here.
  • Resource Center: Everything you need to prepare for your upgrade, including the new features and upgrade guide, as well as feature-focused cheat sheets and videos. Check it out!

You can keep up with us on Twitter by following @bbsupport; we use the hashtag #bbre when we discuss The Raiser’s Edge. Take a look at our Twitter Guide for more information.

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